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“ . . . there are not good people or bad people – there are Abel and

Cain and the world

in-between, into God or, without God . . .”

(Theophil Magus)


The good deed practiced constantly upon a lot of our fellow men

drives to the Cain’s deed.

No, not because – through his crime – Cain does not take the profit

coming from the good deed did to him . . . Yes, just because –

through his crime – Cain does not take the risk to practice the good

deed, this way becoming a moral human kind and, implicitly, a free

man having a man dignity.

“ . . . the lake ‘ soft tremor

under the sun of July . . .

the shade of the beech . . .”


Goethe lived for 60 years, creating with his heart, soul, mind and all

the power of his being the philosophic poem “Faustus”, as a fantastic

and invaluable proof about throwing away your faith into God means.

To be more precisely what does the blood Covenant with

Mephistopheles, alias Satan, means.

Even if it is a masterpiece of the humanity culture of all times and

above time, it may that “Faust” (fist in German) too rapidly makes

knock-out the common man’s understanding. Especially today, at the

beginning of the third millennium when reading a book of good and

true belletristic, from the beginning to the end,

(oh, not in the least the genial philosophical drama sculpted by


well, this is the truth, a lecture of this kind had become a weird


I give you Jesus Christ’s simple worn:

“No servant can serve two masters. Either he will hate the one and

love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other.

You cannot serve both God and Money.” (Luke 16/13, and Matthew


Because the much too used “advice”:

“Become brother with the Satan until you pass the bridge!”

(advice which never means and never will: “Therefore be as shrewd

as snakes and as innocent as doves.” / Matthew 10; 16/ Jesus’ advice

for his disciples sent to into apostolic missions),

was, is and will be eternally and with no chances to escape:

Yes, you pass the bridge but paying the price of an endless


And it is sufficient.

Because the troubles can come out of blue and it is so convenient to

pass the bridge immediately, easily . . .

And what is the big deal?

A little prick in your finger and with that tiny drop of blood you scribble

your name on a peace of paper . . .

That is all! And you have already passed the bridge. As many times as

you want. The world is yours.

WAS yours.

Satan’s gift of joy lasts less than a moment. But is eternally renewed.

God’s gift of joy is eternal.

But it is obtained only through Faith . . .

And the Faith . . .?

Do you remember how Jesus died on the cross?

“ . . . gray the vault of sky

and all the yellow leaves . . .

. . . in the graveyard – the blues . . .”


Hello God

( Trilogy of Theophil Magus- The Life / Volume III )

(Xlibris Corporation/Random House Ventures/ USA 2013 / Library of Congress Control Number: 2013917769/ ISBN: Hardcover 978-1-4931-0719-3/ Softcover 978-1-4931-0718-6/ Ebook 978-1-4931-0720-9 – Kindle ; Nook ) ( essay-novel, 400 pages, illustrated, foreword by Jeff Howe; back-cover quotes by Vladimir Tismăneanu, Nicolae Steinhardt)


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