Publicat de: leonard oprea | 16 decembrie 2015

Theophil Magus: WHY JESUS CHRIST?



I was asked why I have chosen precisely Jesus Christ to be my master in this world, the same world of a present-future where the spiritual and moral values retired in a sine die hibernation?

Why Him, in this “new brave world” dominated by the, so called, economical and political values, that seem, as time passes, a never-ending dynasty?

Why have I choose exactly HIM, Jesus the pure, incredible simple and so impossible to imagine?

Him, this sacrificed lamb?

There may be so many and so ample answers.

There may be the infinite controversial answer:

… because He is The Christ!

There may be the silence which shouts.

But, I believe that the only true answer is this:

Because He is God.


    • Hello God (Trilogy of Theophil Magus- The Life / Volume III ), Ed. Xlibris Corporation/ a Random House Ventures/ ; (roman-eseu, 400 pag.; ilustrat alb-negru; introducere de Jeff Howe; texte de coperta IV: Vladimir Tismăneanu, Nicolae Steinhardt, Jeff Howe); (Library of Congress Control Number: 2013917769/ ISBN: Hardcover 978-1-4931-0719-3/ Softcover 978-1-4931-0718-6/ Ebook 978-1-4931-0720-9 – Kindle ; Nook SUA, 2013.

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