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Hell & Heaven of the Immortal Jazz-Bird Charlie Parker

Hell & Heaven of the Immortal Jazz-Bird Charlie Parker

Genius “Bird” / by Clint Eastwood

(Info, Full Movie, Music and Commentary)

Motto: “… Charlie Parker has suffered and has died on his jazz-cross allowing us to feel what means to be a Bird like an Angel of Music… beyond words, beyond rational understanding, beyond the misery of our daily life… yet, do you remember Charlie Parker?… Clint Eastwood did it – through his genius film… I bow to Clint Eastwood…” (Theophil Magus)


Bird (film) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Cast|Production|Reception|MusicBird is a 1988 American biographical film, produced and directed by Clint Eastwood of a screenplay written by Joel Oliansky. The film is a tribute to the life and … – Cached.

Bird (1988) – IMDb

Director: Clint Eastwood. . Actors: Forest Whitaker: Charlie ‘Bird’ Parker · Diane Venora: Chan Parker · Michael Zelniker: Red Rodney · Samuel E. Wright: Dizzy … – Cached

Watch Free Movies Online | Bird (1988) Full Movie Download …

Watch » Bird (1988) Full Movie Free Online: Biopic of the famed saxophone player, Charlie Parker. Addicted to drugs from a young age, Parker suffered the … – Cached

Bird (1988) | Watch Movies Online Free, Full Downloads Free

Views : 1,286 views Download Now (From Sponsor … Director : Clint Eastwood. Cast : Forest Whitaker, Diane … Bird 1988 Watch Online – Stagevu Links. Bird 1988 Watch Full Movie – Cached

Charlie Parker Quintet at Birdland – Ornithology

Charlie Parker Quintet Live 1950 ~ There’s A Small Hotel

Charlie Parker – All the things you are

Charlie Parker-Lover Man


The Jazz is the sublimation of human being through that peerless and unrepeatable alchemical process of the solo improvisation. . . either you listen the human voice, either you listen the saxophone, or the trumpet, or the bass, or the percussion, or the piano. . . That one, who listening the Jazz will feel and will think that, for example, Keith Jarrett, Charlie Parker and Miles Davis are like Bach, Mozart and Beethoven—oh, yes, that one will make no mistake—in no way and. . . never.

“ . . . the swan is floating/

at dawn—a dream under azure /

tenor sax—solo. . . ”


Jazz-ul este sublimarea fiinţei umane prin acel inegalabil şi irepetabil, unic şi dumnezeiesc proces alchimic al improvizaţiei solistice… fie că asculţi vocea umană, fie că asculţi saxul, trompeta sau chitara, ori basul, percuţia sau pianul… Acela care, ascultînd Jazz, va simiţi şi gîndi că, spre exemplu, Keith Jarrett, Charlie Parker şi Miles Davis sunt un Bach, un Mozart şi un Beethoven – oh, da, acela nu va greşi nicicum şi… niciodată.

/“… lebăda plutind /

in zori – sub azur vis…/

solo – sax tenor…“


Hello God

( Trilogy of Theophil Magus- The Life / Volume III )

(Xlibris Corporation/Random House Ventures/ USA 2013 / Library of Congress Control Number: 2013917769/ ISBN: Hardcover 978-1-4931-0719-3/ Softcover 978-1-4931-0718-6/ Ebook 978-1-4931-0720-9 – Kindle ; Nook ) ( essay-novel, 400 pages, illustrated, foreword by Jeff Howe; back-cover quotes by Vladimir Tismăneanu, Nicolae Steinhardt)

(The works of Leonard Oprea are within the sphere of philosophical thinking represented by S. Kierkegaard, V. Soloviov or Teilhard de Chardin. Though similar, his works are not inspired, nor influenced by the writings of these Christian philosophers. The special importance and the crystal-clear beauty of Leonard Oprea’s meditations are revealed by his diamond ideal of humankind’s Salvation through Faith. “Hello, God”, the third volume of Trilogy of Theophil Magus, is an unique book worldwide. It inspires and thrills the reader making him ready for a sincere and responsible meditation on the human condition, now, at the dawn of the third millennium. /Vladimir Tismaneanu – philosopher, essayist and author/

Leonard Oprea’s dominant perspective is one of cold objectivity, relying little on easy emotions, with the exception of hidden, profound feelings and questions. Themes are his life’s purpose – the ultimate springs of human actions… Intelligence, laconic sarcasm, humor, right targeting. How could we not be indebted to the author? He put his talent of storytelling to serve as exhortation which is a healthy response in the presence of the morbid, the simplistic in the face of artificial, the man-loving of light against darkness and evil. / Nicolae Steinhardt – philosopher, essayist and author)



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