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leonard oprea – My New Novel in the USA & Worldwide: „The Daily Agony of Theophil Magus- Jazz & Blues Haiku Novel for Anna-Maria”

leonard oprea  

My New Novel in the USA & Worldwide

„The Daily Agony of Theophil Magus – Jazz & Blues Haiku Novel for Anna-Maria”

by Leonard Oprea

(“Xlibris”/Random House Ventures, 2012, USA /Library of Congress Control Number: 2012908901/ ISBN: Hardcover 978-1-4771-1431-5 /Softcover 978-1-4771-1430-8/ebook 978-1-4771-1432-2)

Foreword: Gary Lawless – Poet, Essayist,  Editor

Epilog: Sean Ramey – Poet, Essayist

Covers & illustrations by Leonard Oprea

The book is already on and barnesandnoble – Five Stars Rating by Reader Review

The book is already on Internet sites worldwide.

From the back-cover:

LEONARD OPREA – born December 1953. One of the most important East-European writers, novelist, poet and essayist. An anti-communist dissident and forbidden writer under the Romanian Dictatorship of Nicolae Ceausescu. Leonard Oprea’s works are well-known in Europe, America, Asia, Australia. Author of The X-Ray of an Instant and The Straitjacket – praised novels banned by the Romanian Communist Dictatorship. Creator of The Book of Theophil Magus, Theophil Magus in Baton Rouge – a haiku novel, The Trilogy of Theophil Magus – The Truth and of Theophil Magus living in Boston – 101 Breathings for Anna-Maria, novels published in the USA and distinguished worldwide. Leonard Oprea created the “Breathing”, an unique type of essay in the universal culture.


“A genuine jazz & blues haiku-novel worldwide: almost 170 haiku illustrated by almost 170 masterpieces of jazz and blues… this is my confession about the America’s promised-land of loneliness where, like in Kafka’s “Penal Colony”: “Guilt is always beyond any doubt”.

(Theophil Magus – Novelist, Haijin, Essayist)


 “In Romania, Leonard Oprea is a distinguished writer. In my opinion, here in the USA, Leonard Oprea could make a genuine contribution to our current writing landscape. His narrative of his immigrant experience is felicitously captured in his novel in haiku.”

(Andrei Codrescu – Poet, Essayist, Novelist, NPR commentator)


“Let us be content to know that the Sustainer has given us this dancing moment of clemency. The noise that we might make in explanation, agreement, opposition, praise, apathy . . . will only lead us to a place where there is no music. Instead, let the visions fall into us from Him through our poet. Wherever the path within seems to lead, let us simply be with one another and know. Thanks for meeting me here.”

(Sean Ramey – Poet, Essayist)


“A text in haiku, jazz, blues; the real news of the world; each haiku enters the body, enters the heart, rests there and then explodes, explodes in hot emotions, explodes in intelligence, heat and light; our hearts beat faster: we are more awake, more alive; pulled forward into the story, into the stories of our times, our lives, the story of our hearts, beating. Listen, the story will change your heart, and that will change the world. Hello, Hello! Are you breathing?”

(Gary Lawless – Poet, Essayist, Editor)



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