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leonard oprea Dear Ladies, A Drop – Happy International Women’s Day! /March 8, always!/

leonard oprea

Dear Ladies, A Drop  – Happy International Women’s Day! /March 8, always!/


International Women’s Day 2012

The International Women’s Day website … Sunday 04 March 2012 A global hub for sharing International Women’s Day news, events and resources – Cached

International Women’s Day – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

History|2010…|2011…|2012…International Women’s Day (IWD), originally called International Working Women’s Day, is marked on March 8 every year. In different regions the focus of the … – Cached.


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart–Eine Kleine Nachtmusik

Ludwig van BeethovenMoonlight Sonata

Antonio Vivaldi – The Spring



… an ocean of mundane happiness has boundaries…

… a drop of heavenly happiness is boundless…

“… saffron cups now are/

filled with dew—the narcissus /

of this Holy Easter…”



… un ocean de fericire lumească are ţărmuri…

… o picătură de fericire divină e de necuprins…

 „… şofranul cupei

cu rouă – narcise de

acest Sfînt Paşte…“


from : Theophil Magus living in Boston – Anna-Maria 101 breathings (“Xlibris”/Random House Ventures, 2011, USA /Library of Congress Control Number: 2011910709/ ISBN: Hardcover 1-4628-9476-3 & 978-1-4628-9476-5/Softcover 1-4628-9475-5 & 978-1-4628-9475-8/ebook 1-4628-9477-1 & 978-1-4628-9476-5) 

(In Theophil Magus living in Boston – Anna-Maria 101 breathings, „Leonard Oprea‘s dominant perspective is one of a cold objectivity, too little disposed to easy emotions, other than those hidden, profound feelings and questions. Themes are the life purpose, the ultimate springs of human actions… Intelligence, laconic sarcasm, humor, right targeting. How could we not be indebted to the author? He put his talent of storytelling to serve an exhortation which is nothing else than the health response in the presence of the morbid, the simplicity in the face of artificial, the man-loving of light against darkness and evil./Nicolae Steinhardt – European philosopher, essayist and author); “A novelist and essayist of Leonard Oprea’s literary value does not need any introduction. From no one.” /Valeriu Gherghel – European philosopher, essayist, literary critic and author)


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