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I WILL ASK MYSELF, ALL MY LIFE, WHY, Ronald Reagan spoke at the Berlin Wall‘s Brandenburg Gate, challenging Gorbachev to „tear down this wall!” ?! WHY?!… just to open a new and wonderful gate TO the Socialism?!…”

(Theophil Magus)


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The Right to be Stupid – is the right to be moral only by the written letter and this way was born and exists, will exist always the right to proclaim as the truth any populist ideologies…

And, thus, to be “Power” is in the power of the Right to be Stupid.

The Right to be Stupid – at once is realized by someone having an intelligence above the average of the ordinary people of any nation – becomes the right to be a genius without morale, without ethics and, as a direct consequence, without any scruples (among others, exist in the history very praised personalities like Caesar, Mephistopheles, Iago, Machiavelli, Ignatius of Loyola, Robespierre, Lenin, Che Guevara etc., or – it is not necessary at all to name them now, the dictators of the 20th Century and, also, of the 21st Century, but – why not? – the other leaders of the Occident, Asian and American democracies, as well…; today, being a real paradigm: the leaders of that kind of globalized American democracy).


The Right to be Stupid – at once is learned very well, oh, yes, this right does not know limits in space, in time, and – first of all – in Ego.

Thus – into this infinity of stupidity, beyond anything, the Right to be Stupid categorically and irrevocably cancels the right to a free Faith in God.

The Faith is secularized without any right of veto.

The individual Faith becomes a ritual emptied by any content – a denial of yourself.

The Faith becomes only – the Right to be Stupid.

The Right to be Stupid – essentially is even the eternal truth of the fairy-tale by Hans Christian Andersen: the Emperor’s New Clothes.
The Right to be Stupid – in the daily reality of the 21st Century is even the fairy-tale of
Hans Christian Andersen, the Emperor’s New Clothes – metamorphosed in the daily reality.

The Right to be Stupid – this is the true Apocalypse.

… the Christmas tree dried…/

at Christmas Eve… Lord, the Death/

mocking of Christmas…/

(from „Theophil Magus – Living in America” // Copyright © 2011 by Leonard Oprea. All rights reserved. Leonard Oprea created the Breathing, an original type of essay in Romanian and world literature.The Breathing is a short, simple yet profound meditation on human condition, a meditation ended by a haiku. But – this haiku does not finish the meditation. In fact, it re-opens this reflection to new questions and responses on human destiny. There are 100 Breathings in Leonard Oprea’s work „Theophil Magus – Confessions 2004 – 2006”, ed. „Universal Dalsi”, 2007, Romania)


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