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leonard oprea – I LOVE YOU … ASHES IS THE LIGHT…


leonard oprea




…for my Angel – Anna-Maria…



… I lived enough do not feel the springtime – or, could I be wrong?…”

… am trait destul sa nu mai simt primavara – sau, ma insel oare?…”

(Theophil Magus)



Love does not exist through itself, as a simple act of loving between two human beings.

You cannot name this way the act which – no matter how skillfully the motivation is built or irresistible expressed – defines nothing else but the fusion between pleasure and necessity (either naturals or achieved through experiment, but both social).

The love is the sublimation of your existence into Jesus Christ.

It gets this name and meaning, it receives this Word, Love, only the moment you pray for understanding the man/woman near you.

You pray for the empathy with that being, beyond the body, the mind and soul.

In the state of love all that is left should be the heart.

Only then the compassion, humility, wisdom, and the power of sacrifice for the being you love, will be true.

And, immediately, real into Jesus Christ.

Or you can practice the Christian advice:

love your neighbor as you love yourself!

To test your love do begin by applying the Christian advice upon the person you love, anytime and in any circumstance, far away of your pinky life on the minuscule and delusive island of “I love You!”

Fight to be totally sincere with yourself – and you will see, the truth is… you do not quite love…

Do not forget then, in those moments of deep desperation, that Jesus always reminds us this simple but almighty and indestructible truth:

into the Faith, the prayer keeps the world.

… the sun is… is dead…/

ashes, ashes is … is the light, yes…/

winter is coming…”



Iubirea nu exista prin ea-insasi, ca simplu act de iubire intre doua fiinte.

Nu poti numi astfel actul care, indiferent de motivatia abil construita si irezistibil exprimata, nu defineste decit fuziunea dintre placere si necesitate (ambele fie naturale, fie dobindite prin experiment si experienta, sociale amindoua).

Iubirea este sublimarea existentei tale intru Iisus Christos.

Ea capata acest nume si inteles , primeste acest Cuvint, Iubire, doar in clipa in care, te rogi pentru intelegerea celuilalt/celeilalte.

Te rogi pentru empatia ta cu acea fiinta, dincolo de trup, de minte si de suflet.

Tot ce iti ramine in starea de iubire nu trebuie sa fie altceva decit inima.

Atunci comopasiunea, semerenia, intelepciunea si puterea ta de sacrificiu pentru fiinta iubita vor fi adevarate.

Si, imediat , reale intru Iisus Christos.

Sau altfel, incearca sa practici christicul indemn:

iubeste-ti aproapele ca pe tine-insuti!

Pentru a proba iubirea ta, incepe prin a aplica indemnul christic asupra fiintei iubite, oricind si in orice situatie, dincolo de viata voastra rozulie doar pe amagitoarea si minuscula insula a lui “Te iubesc !“

Lupta sa fii total sincer cu tine-insuti – si vei vedea ca, asta e !… nu prea iubesti…

Nu uita atunci, in acele clipe de disperare, ca Iisus ne aminteste mereu acest adevar simplu, dar atotputernic si indestructibil :

intru Credinta, rugaciunea tine lumea.

… soarele e mort…/

cenusa e lumina…/

vine iarna… da…”


(from „Theophil Magus – Living in America” // Copyright © 2010 by Leonard Oprea. All rights reserved. Leonard Oprea created the Breathing, an original type of essay in Romanian and world literature.The Breathing is a short, simple yet profound meditation on human condition, a meditation ended by a haiku. But – this haiku does not finish the meditation. In fact, it re-opens this reflection to new questions and responses on human destiny. There are 100 Breathings in Leonard Oprea’s work „Theophil Magus – Confessions 2004 – 2006”, ed. „Universal Dalsi”, 2007, Romania)


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