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leonard oprea



(c) Copyright 2010, Leonard Oprea. All rights reserved.

No part of this text may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without written permission from the author.



The International Holocaust Remembrance Day, which occurs on January 27, is the first universal commemoration in memory of the victims of The Holocaust. It was designated by the United Nations General Assembly Resolution 60/7 on 1 November 2005 during the 42nd plenary session. On 24 January 2005, during a special session , the United Nations General Assembly had previously marked the 60th anniversary of the liberation of the Nazi concentration camps and the end of the Holocaust which resulted in the annihilation of 6 million European Jews and millions of others by the Nazi German regime. (


Nazism = Communism = Islamic Terrorism Today = Populist Dictatorship of the 21st Century.


I was an anti-Communist dissident in Eastern-Europe.

I know Evil.

Today, I live in Boston. So, I have to tell you a story.

Once upon a time was Hitler, Stalin… Then, “9-11”… After all these, in 2010 year, the populist dictatorships, or – let’s say, the democratic dictatorships world-wide…


            In Boston exists a strange monument…

There are six rectangular guard-towers made of glass. They unite with the sky. Around them there are always people… who walk, talk. They are alive. And free. 

            These towers are six chapels for remembrance and prayer: Auschwitz-Birkenau, Belzec, Chelmno, MajdanekLublin, Sobibor and Treblinka – the Nazi concentration-camps from Poland…

             On their thresholds you feel their sinister-alive remembrance … Stepping over thresholds …feeling that shiver…

Strange chapels – like gates from hell… From one gate to the next… It’s hard to walk… Under the blue sky. Around you – alive and free, people like us.

            At the entrance, on the side of your heart, a black marble plaque. Chiseled on it, white letters – a harsh, precise definition, a history of Nazism: 1933 – 1945, twelve years.  A long or short time? Or … beyond measurable time?

             Inside each chapel stepping on a fire grate. From it a whitish steam is coming up the … It’s there – always. Does it smell of burnt corpses?

On the glasswalls – just numbers …Millions of Jews. Also other thousands Slavs, Catholic priest, Gypsies… All – exterminated.  In these six Nazi camps. Yes, no names.  The numbers erect ladders of grief into the blueopen sky.

            Between the chapels there are footbridges …with sentences chiseled in the gray rock…If you are not careful you might step on them… Alive sentences speak about 500,000 Jewish children killed… Where? In these six Nazi camps.  

            They also speak about the World Powers which knew of the Holocaust, since 1942.Yet, they refused to see, to hear…

             Also, chiseled with blood are stories about the Jewish martyrs… Alas, few and so helpless dared to fight against the Nazi criminals. Inside these Nazi camps.

            Bitter words chiseled – about the cruel indifference of the world – at that time… If you are not careful you will step on blood, on heroes, on common graves…

            Within each chapel, on the glasswalls you read stories. Told by survivors and American soldiers. Here are three testimonies:           

        „One morning, in the yard of our camp, near our hut, I found a small raspberry. I hid it carefully in my pocket. In the evening I put it on a leaf and shared it with my best friend. We did this while hiding cautiously and fearfully in the lavatory. Can you imagine a world where all you have is but a small raspberry which you share with your friend, while secretly and fearfully hiding?” 

       „After liberation from the Nazi camp I witnessed the digging up of one of the common graves in the camp. There, among the tens and tens of corpses I identified all the members of my family.

       “Inside the yard of the Nazi camp I suddenly saw something black and shiny. It looked like a small stone, but it wasn’t. I took it in my hand and I touched it.  All of a sudden I murmured: ‘Oh, Lord, it’s a bone, a small piece of bone. My God, is this all that is left of a man?’. The next day I found a quiet, grassy spot and buried the bone.” 

        Near the exit … another plaque. Black like the darkness of hell. I read the confession of a Christian priest, who in 1933 was anti-Semite…  Yet he was sent to a Nazi camp. He survived. And confessed his shame. His guilt. Forgive – do not forget. I’m a Christian… God, forgive us.

        I have been before inside these chapels of remembrance and prayer… Yet, today I feel different. Today, I don’t have any blood in my veins. Neither flesh on my bones. And my tears dried out a long time ago…

        I feel like a skeleton. Do you know how it is to be a skeleton? Somewhere in a common grave?

This is my story.

And, my testimony about Holocaust.


       I know Evil. 

Yes, Nazism = Communism = Islamic Terrorism Today = Populist Dictatorship of the 21st Century.

Can we deny this irrefutable truth?! …

       Do not forget: Hitler, Stalin, Mao,  Ceausescu, Osama Ben Laden, Saddam Hussein,

Hugo Cavez, Kim Jong-il, Castro… and so and so… everywhere, everywhere…


       It’s not the history that repeats itself, we are the ones that repeat history continually, obstinately.

        “Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God” is teaching us Jesus Christ in his Sermon on the Mount.


“… myriad of stars, /

and the blue sky –  my child’s eyes…/

… the golden autumn…”


leonard oprea



(c) Copyright 2010, Leonard Oprea All rights reserved.

No part of this text may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without written permission from the author.



Ziua Internaţională de Comemorare a Holocaustului este ziua de 27 ianuarie din fiecare an şi este prima comemorare universală a victimelor Holocaustului. Această comermorare a fost decisă prin Rezoluţia Adunării Generale a Naţiunilor Unite numărul 60/7 din 1 noiembrie 2005, adoptată la a 42-a şedinţă plenară. La 24 ianuarie 2005, în cadrul unei şedinţe speciale, Adunarea Generală a Naţiunilor Unite a marcat a 60-a aniversare a eliberării lagărelor de concentrare naziste şi sfârşitul Holocaustului care a avut ca rezultat uciderea a 6 milioane de evrei europeni şi a milioane de persoane de alte naţionalităţi de către regimul nazist german.”



Nazism = Comunism = Islamic Terorism Astazi = Dictatura Populista de Secol 21.


Am fost un anti-comunist disident.

Cunosc Raul.

Astazi locuiesc in Boston, SUA.

Si, trebuie sa va spun o poveste…

Au fost o data ca niciodata, Hitler, Stalin… Apoi “9-11”… Pe urma, in acest 2010 an, intr-o forma sau alta, dictaturile populiste, sau – democratice, din lumea intreaga…


        In Boston exista un monument inchinat Holocaustului.

Straniu monument.

      Sint sase turnuri de veghe, rectangulare, din sticla transparenta. Cerul se uneste mereu cu ele si de jur imprejur sint oameni vii… Umbla, se agita, vorbesc… ii vezi aievea. Sint liberi.

      Sint sase capele de aducere aminte si ruga: Auschwitz-Birkenau, Belzec, Chelmno, Majdanek-Lublin, Sobibor si Treblinka. Cele sase lagare de exterminare naziste din Polonia… Citesti aceste sinistre amintiri pe fiecare prag… Si calci – peste. Cu fior.

      Capelele acestea stranii sint ca niste porti… Dintr-una intr-alta… Abia pasesti…

Deasupra cerul. De jur imprejur oamenii vii. Si liberi.

      La intrare, in stinga ta, pe partea inimii e o placa de marmura neagra. Cu litere albe sapate, adincite in ea pe scurt, sec si la obiect – definita nazismului si istoria nazismului. 1933 – 1945 , 12 ani ? Sau dincolo de timp masurabil ?

       Inlauntrul fiecarei capele pasesti pe un gratar metalic  din care se inalta un abur alburiu, cald… Mereu.

       Pe peretii exteriori – numere. Pe sticla. Milioane de numere. Milioane de evrei si odata cu ei altii mii si mii, slavi, preoti catolici, tigani… Exterminati. In aceste lagare. Nu altundeva. Nu. Citesti numere – nu nume. Numere pina la cer inaltind scari de durere.

       Pe puntile de piatra dintre capele, de o parte si de alta a lor, daca nu esti atent poti calca pe acele doua-trei propozitii durate in piatra ce-ti vorbesc despre cei 500.000 de copii evrei ucisi : acolo.

       Dar si despre Puterile lumii atunci, inca din 1942 stiind despre Holocaust.

Insa refuzind sa vada, sa auda… Precum si despre tot ce a insemnat jerta unor evrei – putini si neajutorati –  luptind atunci, in lagare, impotriva calailor nazisti. Precum si despre cumplita indiferenta a majoritatii… Daca nu esti atent pasesti pe singe , pe eroi si pe gropi comune imense…

        In interiorul fiecarei capele, pe sticla transparenta poti citi povesti.

       Trei dintre ele suna cam asa:

      “ Intr-o dimineata, in curtea lagarului, linga baraca noastra, am gasit o boaba de zmeura. Am ascuns-o in buzunar. Seara am pus-o pe o frunza si am impartit-o cu prietena mea, cu mare grija si teama ascunzindu-ne in spalator. Va puteti inchipui o lume in care tot ce ai este doar o boaba de zmeura pe care o imparti cu prietenul tau… pe ascuns? ” (Marturia unei supravietuitoare.)

       Sau: “ Dupa ce am fost eliberati din lagar, am fost martor la deschiderea uneia dintre gropile comune ale lagarului. Intre zecile de cadavre i-am putut recunoaste si pe toti membrii familiei mele.” (Marturia unui supravietuitor.)

      Ori: “ In curtea lagarului, deodata , am zarit ceva negru si lucitor. Parea o piatra, dar era altceva. Am luat acel obiect si l-am pipait… Era dur si l-am simit oarecum ciudat. Doamne, mi-a spus brusc, este o bucata de os… Atit ramine dintr-un om, Doamne ?!

A doua zi am ales un loc ferit si cu iarba si am ingropat acea ramasita dintr-un om.“

(Marturia unui soldat American.)

        La iesire – in dreapta ta, o alta placa de marmura… neagra.

Citesti confesiunea unui pastor protestant care, in 1933 fusese anti-semit convins. 

Iar mai apoi I-a multumit Lui Dumnezeu ca a scapat cu viata dintr-un lagar de concentrare nazist… Omul isi marturiseste rusinea. Vesnica. Intru iertare.

      Pasestei pe gratarele metalice din-launtrul fiecarei capele. Un abur alburiu si cald se inalta necontenit. Miroase a cadavru ars ? Sau mi se pare… ?

      De multe ori am fost aici. In aceste capele de ruga si aducere-aminte. De aducere-aminte si neuitare prin ruga. Dar parca niciodata nu a fost ca astazi. Caci n-am mai singe in vine. Nici carne pe oase. Iar lacrimile se uscasera de mult, de mult.

Ca un schelet m-am simtit. Stiti cum e sa te simti un schelet? Intr-o groapa comuna ?

Aceasta este povestea mea.

Si, marturia mea despre Holocaust.


       Cunosc Raul.

Da, Nazism = Comunism = Islamic Terorism Astazi = Dictatura Populista de Secol 21.

       Putem oare nega acest adevar – irefutabil ?! …

Nu uitati: Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Ceausescu, Osama Ben Laden, Saddam Hussein, Hugo Cavez,  Kim Jong-il, Castro… si asa mai departe…peste tot, peste tot…


       Din nefericire, nu istoria se repeta – noi sintem cei care repeta istoria.

Cu obstinatie.

       “Ferice de cei care aduc Pacea, caci ei vor fi chemati Fii ai Lui Dumnezeu“, ne invata Iisus Christos in Predica de pe Munte.


“… stele mii, azur-n…/

ochii copilei mele…/

… toamna de aur…”


(from „Theophil Magus – Living in America” // Copyright © 2010 by Leonard Oprea. All rights reserved. Leonard Oprea created the Breathing, an original type of essay in Romanian and world literature.The Breathing is a short, simple yet profound meditation on human condition, a meditation ended by a haiku. But – this haiku does not finish the meditation. In fact, it re-opens this reflection to new questions and responses on human destiny. There are 100 Breathings in Leonard Oprea’s work „Theophil Magus – Confessions 2004 – 2006”, ed. „Universal Dalsi”, 2007, Romania)



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