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leonard oprea


I was asked why I have chosen precisely Jesus Christ to be my master in this world, the same world of a present-future where the spiritual and moral values retired in a sine die hibernation?

Why Him, in this “new brave world” dominated by the, so called, economical and political values, that seem, as time passes, a never-ending dynasty?

Why have I choose exactly HIM, Jesus the pure, incredible simple and so impossible to imagine?

Him, this sacrificed lamb?

There may be so many and so ample answers.

There may be the infinite controversial answer:

… because He is The Christ!

There may be the silence which shouts.

But, I believe that the only true answer is this:

Because He is God.


 “… the nature’s whisper…/

… the quiet oceans, silent mountains…/

… a child is laughing…”



Cineva m-a intrebat de ce tocmai pe Iisus Christos L-am ales drept Maestrul meu in aceasta lume, cea a unui prezent-viitor in care valorile spirituale si morale s-au retras intr-o hibernare sine die ?

De ce tocmai pe EL, in aceasta “new brave world” in care dominatia  asa-ziselor valorilor economice si politice pare a fi, pe zi ce trece, o dinastie fara sfirsit?

De ce L-am ales tocmai pe El, Iisus Cel atit de curat, atit de incredibil de simplu si, 

atit de…neimaginat ?

Tocmai pe El, acest miel sacrificat…?

Ar fi multe si ample raspunsuri.

Ar fi infinit controversatul raspuns:

…pentru ca El este Christosul!

Ar fi tacerea care vorbeste in gura mare.

Dar, eu cred ca singurul raspuns adevarat nu poate fi decit acesta:

Pentru ca El este Dumnezeu.


 “… sopoteste firea…/

… tac oceane, tac muntii…/

… risul de copil…”


(from „Theophil Magus – Living in America” // Copyright © 2010 by Leonard Oprea. All rights reserved. Leonard Oprea created the Breathing, an original type of essay in Romanian and world literature.The Breathing is a short, simple yet profound meditation on human condition, a meditation ended by a haiku. But – this haiku does not finish the meditation. In fact, it re-opens this reflection to new questions and responses on human destiny. There are 100 Breathings in Leonard Oprea’s work „Theophil Magus – Confessions 2004 – 2006”, ed. „Universal Dalsi”, 2007, Romania)


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